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If you have any questions regarding our company or the booking of a model, please contact us using the form below.

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    Terms and Conditions

    [Shooting hours]
    • All day - 8 hours (except 1 hour break)
    • Half a day - 4 hours

    Our basic hours are from 8:00-21:00, and additional fees will be charged outside these hours (late night/early morning fees).
    (*Even if the model meeting time is outside of the basic hours, the additional charge will be considered.)

    [Over time]

    *An overtime fee will be charged if the shooting goes past the predetermined finishing time.

    • 1 hour 10,000 yen (10% + tax not included)-

    Outside basic hours / High-ranking models

    • 1 hour 15,000 yen - 20,000 yen (10% + tax not included)-
    [Note at the shooting]
    • We strictly refuse to change a model's appearance without permission.
    • The client must be responsible for lunch for all day shooting.
    • We strictly refuse to extend the hours of work without permission.
      Please contact us if you need to extend the hours.
    [Request for pickup or using a taxi on the shooting day]

    We do not let our models use public transportation for their work.
    For this reason, we request you to pick up or use a taxi on the shooting day.

    [For the finished data and other deliverables after the shooting]

    We require that you send us the completed data after the shooting.
    This is a very important step in improving the careers of our models, so we need your cooperation.

    • The fee is to be determined by the day before the shooting.
    • Payment shall be made on the last day of the month following the invoice date.
    • If you miss the deadline, please notify us in advance.
      There may be a penalty charge for delay if payment cannot be confirmed by
      the payment due date, without any consultation.
    • We use electronic invoices. Please contact us if you need an invoice by mail.

    If you agree to the above terms and conditions, please click on the "Agree and go to the confirmation screen" button to proceed.

      We are always looking for Japanese models. Feel free to recommend yourself, introduce us to a suitable candidate.

      Application Requirements


      • Height 174cm -180cm
      • Age - 26

      • Height 184cm -191cm
      • Age - 26

      Please enter your age, bust, waist, hips, & shoe size in the application form below & upload a head shot (from the bust upwards), a full-length body shot onto the entry form.


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      Shoe size*
      Head shot(Front/Side)
      Bust up
      Full length
      Please feel free to tell us about yourself.

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