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It's a shooting method that allows you to shoot in beautiful locations around the world with wonderful models and creators from all over the world, even in Japan.



・Participate in the entire process while in Japan
Our remote system allows you to shoot abroad as if you were shooting in Japan,
connecting Japan and other countries smoothly.
・Expanding your shooting options
Clients with fixed budgets have more booking options not only in Japan, but all over the world. More options of creators, models, and locations for the same budget, resulting in high quality.
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Remote shooting gives you a global range of options,
and you can even shoot with the world's top creators
and models, which is not possible in Japan.


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    Initial contact and

    We will propose an appropriate plan based on your requests.

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    Choosing models and

    We give you a selection of models.
    Once the models have been chosen, we will choose the creators in the country where the models are located.

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    ZOOM meeting with team

    We will hold ZOOM meetings with the production team you have booked. UMM staff will participate as interpreters.

    If necessary, we can provide a professional interpreter.

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    On the shooting day, the client participates in the shooting via ZOOM in real time. UMM staff or a professional interpreter will provide support.

    Local staff with a Go Pro are always present at the shooting. Through ZOOM, you can direct and consult with local staff such as photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists and art directors as if you were on location.

    You can check the shooting data in real time in the same way as if you were on location.



Q1. Remote shooting is common, but what's the actual difference between remote and conventional shooting?
UMM REMOTE SHOOTING lets our clients participate in the shooting from another physical location. Our local staff is equipped with cell phones, cameras, GoPros, and sound systems so that clients can see and hear everything on set. It is as if they are actually at the shooting with us.
Through trial and error, we have developed this simple and effective system, and we invite you to try it for yourself.
Q2. What about language barriers?
Don’t worry, a UMM staff member will always be there to coordinate and interpret. We have English, Chinese, French and Spanish speakers on our team and offer interpretation for all ZOOM calls. We will also translate all your email correspondence.
Q3. Isn't it difficult to get the feel of the atmosphere on set when working remotely?
The system we designed allows us to select and install the appropriate equipment, taking into account the size, location, and number of people on site. Our system optimizes client-to-team communication, provides them with close monitoring of the shoot, and lets them make fine adjustments, just as if they were physically on set.
When you hear "remote system," you may be concerned that you won't be able to feel the energy and excitement of the shooting, but don’t worry. We have designed our system to capture the entire shooting, including the atmosphere, from start to finish.
Q4. What about the clothes and products used in the shoot?
The clothes and goods used in the shoot cannot be remote, so these are the only things that will actually have to cross borders. We will send them either by DHL or FedEX. Since this will be an international shipment, we will send them well in advance of the shoot to provide for any unforeseen circumstances. Approximate shipping times are 4 days from Europe, 5 days from the U.S., and 3 days from China.
Q5. What about model auditions?
Our standard method for model auditions is to collect snaps and videos for you. If needed, we can also hold ZOOM auditions.
As casting professionals, we will offer full support and will recommend the methods that best match our clients’ needs.